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Optimization of Plant and Microbial Systems

Microbes and Microbial Systems Optimization

Goal: To identify and study microorganisms with traits that are of particular utility in the production of biomass and bioenergy and to optimize microorganisms for roles as the producers of sustainable energy.

Description: This research group covers all aspects of the role of microbes in biofuel and bioproduct development, production, processing , and stability. Research expertise on campus encompasses efficiency of biomass degradation systems; microbes as economical enzyme delivery systems; directed enzyme system evolution and adaptation; discovery of novel microbes, biological activities, and bioproducts; optimization and sustainability of bioproduct production systems; and microbial stability of bioproducts. Scientists are not only investigating the bioalcohol and other inhibitory tolerances in microbial systems at a fundamental level, they are also looking at the efficacy of use of synthetic microbes for targeted processes. Biofuel and bioproduct production systems being investigated range from solid to semi-solid to liquid substrates under a variety of fermentation conditions.


Biological Process Research and Development Equipment


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