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Biomass Production Systems

Goal: To efficiently and sustainably produce crops, forestry products, wastes, and other usable biomass as sources of bioenergy.

Description: Biofuel production could increase the resource demands on soils and productive landscapes. Producing crops and using crop and forestry residues for bioenergy production will remove some carbon containing materials and other elements from fields and forests that would normally be recycled. New or modified microorganisms, crops, and trees created by molecular biologists and chemists for bioenergy production will be produced on farms or from forests, requiring both traditional and novel forms of agronomic assessment and production research. All crops, forest products and residues must be produced with greater efficiency and at lower cost per unit usable biomass than at present. Both long-term research and shorter-term directed experiments will be needed to reach required production levels. Simulation modeling of soil and plant production processes will be integrated with assessment research. BERG will undertake a program of assessment and adaptation of bioenergy crop and forest production, and help with creating and assessing sustainable biomass production systems in the California landscape.


NSF IGERT: Collaborative Research and Education in Agricultural Technologies and Engineering (CREATE)


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